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November 26, 2001

ERIN HERE. All right. Before ANYONE ELSE VIOLENTLY REACTS.... I haven't even read yet the new private entries on the guestbook, and I have a feeling they're not going to be very nice to me.

Okay, Larissa. You're right. We DID make a promise that we would update the site in time for our first anniversary. BUT that was when I expected to have my computer fixed. THE MAIN THING HOLDING UP MY UPDATES IS THAT I STILL DON'T HAVE A COMPUTER WITH ME. The only computers I use are the ones in my school, and I can't exactly use them to update the site. I SHOULD have apologized and maybe posted a note on the site before explaining why we didn't fulfill our promise, but.... Maybe it should've occurred to you that WHAT IF something BAD happened to us that we weren't able to update the site? What if one of us were in a coma or something?! Okay, maybe it's a bit outrageous, but you have to take in mind that ANYTHING can happen, and that I cannot see the fucking future. I REALLY DID WANT TO UPDATE THE SITE, I TELL YOU. I just didn't have a computer with me. I still DON'T have a computer with me, as a matter of fact.

Sorry, I didn't mean to sound angry, and I'm not, really. It's just that you've tested my patience already.

FYI, I AM getting a new computer THIS week, but I'm still closing down the site for the following reasons:

1. We do enjoy maintaining the site, but it's not like I'd go out of my way just to do so. If I had enough money, I would've gone out and rented a computer and continued with updates, but, that's just not the case.
2. Nadia's incredibly busy. Right now, she's out of the country.
3. I'm incredibly busy and strapped of cash to maintain my Internet connection.
4. The rest of the Via team is incredibly busy.
5. Not to mention the fact that, admittedly, our enthusiasm for soccer in general is waning.
6. And, perhaps, this is the clincher, WE'RE REALLY IRRITATED WITH PEOPLE WHO KEEP ON E-MAILING/WRITING IN THE GUEST BOOK THINKING THAT WE'RE COCO, EVEN THOUGH IT SAYS RIGHT ON THE FRONT PAGE THAT WE'RE *NOT*! Okay, I know maybe it's our fault as well for not knowing enough languages to say it in, but, COME ON, PEOPLE, COMMON SENSE! The site looks really drab; if we were some player's official site, we surely would've had Macromedia Flash! Look at Del Piero's or Nesta's or something.... Our site design is so *NOT* in that league.

We *might* continue with our Coco online thingie by starting a newsletter or something. In any case, if anyone is interested in taking over as webmistress/master of the Via, e-mail me, Erin, at, okay?

I am *NOT* angry. This is just how I argue. Peace out.

November 23, 2001

If anyone checks this out....

As much as we want to, we haven't been updating the site...because:
1. Nadia's out of the country.
2. Erin STILL doesn't have her computer; it still has been over a month.
3. We're both caught up in university....

IT'S NOT THAT WE DON'T HAVE RESPECT FOR THE VISITORS, Larissa, but.... Maybe it should occur to you that this site doesn't really encompass our whole lives. But, for now, I'd rather make the most out of my parents' hard-earned money and concentrate on university.

I am getting a new computer soon, but, well, we're closing down the site in a bit.

Just thought you'd like to know. Have a nice day.

September 20, 2001

All right! Erin here, reporting from university, fixing the bugs that the back-up team left behind. This is what you get when you've got amateurs updating the site. Heh, heh, kidding. But I would like to applaud Orange and Dolci for a great job, being ambitious enough to update the site without me around. It was a great job; there wasn't much damage done, but the error message is just annoying. I'd also like to inform you that we're going to have a new look sometime in the middle of October (when I'm done with this semester!), so, please watch out for it. =) ,

September 18, 2001

Here is a promising move: an update.

On our updates this time, Erin is missing from the team as she is busy doing assignments and being ambitious in History class. So, we have Orange Blossom 7, a.k.a. Fio, to work with us. 

A great HAPPY  B'DAY forAmy - Dolcissima 18!!!!! She's 19 now. Anyone want to send her Coco or J-pop CD for a birthday present?


Now that that's out of the way, the updates.

You can check out Coco's participation in the JVC World Cup 2002 campaign (commercial) with Japan's Shunsuke Nakamura

For those of you who are torn because of Coco's transfer to Barcelona, read our analysis and consider our ideas to keep supporting him even though he is not in AC Milan anymore.

Finally, in a mood for hilarious joking, our very own Dolcissima 18, a.k.a. Amy, creates a CocoNut story that is never like the ones before! You will find out how scary learning Spanish can be! We guarantee you NUTTY MADNESS! 


Nadia Aimar, Erin Byrne and the "Via" gang

July 8, 2001

Hey, look, an update on the Via!

First of all, if any of you have been nice to e-mail us, you'll know that it has been Dolcissima 18 updating the site, as Nadia is vacationing in Spain with her honeybunny. Lord knows what they're up to, really.

Our temporary webmaster is doing a pretty good job of entertaining us; she bestows upon us two articles (here and here) that she lovingly translated, plus a bit of gossip about our beloved Francesco.


Oh, and please bookmark this page. Erin's threat might stay for quite a while. =)

June 6, 2001

Don't get your hopes high up. This might very well be the last big update before Erin goes back to university in a week's time. =)

First of all, we've enlisted the help of one of our slaves...I mean, friends to write new profiles of us. And she's done a pretty good job, haven't you, Ames? In the same page is also an explanation why we named the site such, so, if you're curious....

We also are arguing here at the Via over this picture, new in the CocoNut section. Help us out, won't you?

New pictures, of course. As well as a new section, and you'll see the evidence of what happens when Adobe Photoshop falls into the wrong hands...I mean, Nadia's pretty hands, as she makes one of Coco and his brothers.

May 31, 2001  

Hello, it's us again...we're still so in love with you! ...We do mean, you, our friends.... =)

You wouldn't believe what went on in between this update and the last. We'll save it for our memoirs, though.

Too many updates, I have to hold on to the modem to steady it (oh, that was corny). You'll be pleased all the picture sections have been updated. Jealousy alert: who's Coco with the girl? And Nadia's heard Coco's engaged.... (Please pick your hearts up off the floor, thank you.) And, I'm sorry to break it to you that it isn't an April Fool's joke. (Gasp!) Anyhoo.... And the translation we promised you, as well as a new interesting interview report. Multimedia spruced up. And a new CocoNut section that you'll have to see for yourself.

20 January 2001  

Profile and links - now updated with new info

Pics - Milan and Torino sections with new pictures

(Sorry. Gotta rush. Erin has a reason to celebrate. =P)

15 January 2001 Ciao a tutti. We would update the site more if it weren't for university and certain technical problems. Once this is cleared up, though, we promise further updates in Coco's profile and the links page. In the meantime, enjoy more pictures on the Milan, Italy, and Torino sections, thanks once again to Zina. And sorry for failing to add links to the two new features, Choco Coco and the Coco Name Game on the CocoNut menu page the previous time. Look at Nadia's retrospect of Coco in the year 2000 in case you haven't yet.


Coco is 24 on the 8th of January!!!


Coco’s success in the past year is also captured in Nadia’s article, “So Far So Good”. Read on to find out what Coco’s year in 2000 was like!

Other than that… you can also say happy birthday to Coco in the AC Milan official website using the common form (hey, at least there is a way to send him a b’day message!)

The site is now updated with new pictures in the Milan and Torino sections and a new news archive with a separate section for site updates.


Have fun surfing!



January 2, 2001 So, did you enjoy your holidays? We certainly did despite the occupying task of compiling some Coco pics, some Coco news and writing some Coco articles. Most definitely, now we have something new for YOU, Coco fans.

Check out our CocoNut section for a name game and food. You'll see what we mean if you go there! So, what are you waiting for?

You can also listen to Coco and his colleagues narrating a Christmas story in the Multimedia section, taken from the AC Milan Christmas greeting in their official site website. Get your Real Player ready!

Watch out for new pictures of nostro caro Francesco!

Oh, and, before you go surfing, people, we - Nadia and Erin - would like to say thank you for all the people who have written to us and posted their messages in the guestbook!

December 10, 2000 Ciao a tutti! Wow, a new update in three days! =ž

News - We were distressed here at the Via when we heard about Coco's possible girlfriend. See the picture, too. (Thanks to Cecilia.)

Links - And check out for more soccer-related sites.

Oh, and we forgot to tell you the last time, we have a profile of ourselves, in case you were curious about us!

Bye for now!

December 7, 2000 Greetings! Miss Byrne here with your updates. Nadia had energetically bugged me these past weeks to finally get all the stuff she's done up on here, and so, here's a ton of new stuff...well, to me, it seems like a ton....

News Archive -- We're putting some new features on here as well. Nadia's translated Coco's recent chat transcript, and she was at the chat, too. Also, the articles on Coco from the AC Milan official site.

Pictures -- some new ones, and they now come in handy thumbnail views, and each picture will open in a new browser window.

Guest book -- Yes, we finally have one up, so please sign! There's not much to view anyway for now....

We'll get more stuff up in the near future, we promise! And thanks to everyone who e-mailed again!

October 18, 2000 YES! And the first Francesco Coco website (or so we think) is online! Please bear with us, though, as this site is still in the process of...erm, creation. Don't expect the site to immediately be squeaky clean, but, nevertheless, have fun exploring!