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Role: Material Editor
Job: writing and translating news, finding pictures, editing everything and managing correspondence

Born some 18 years and nine months ago, Nadzy whose real name is Nadia Aimar has had to live between three countries - which is the reason why she has been reluctant to say where she actually comes from. Simply put, Nadz had once tasted living in the Matador country for a while before she moved to her mother's country and is now living Down Under to study. 

Her life hasn't been easy; she has to put up with her parents' moving around and one sister who is just too perfect for her standards. She's never quite lucky in love as well - her actual dream is to marry Alessandro Costacurta but she knows the chances are below 1% and now her dear Francesco is said to be engaged too. But… there is always Leo, her loyal boy for a friend. 

Besides dedicating her heart and mind (but not body) to this "Via, Francesco Coco" website, Nadzy almost doesn't have a life… just almost, thankfully. She is a very diligent student whose daily life is basically about school and homework, uni assignment and the library. She hopes to get her Arts degree soon. Other than being obsessed with calcio italiano and Toblerone chocolates, she is also obsessed with Alex Britti, the Italian singer whom she thinks the world is about. 

Really, she's a funny girl. She finds most of the things in life funny, like the fact that she doesn't fluently speak her native languages while she's fluent in English, Italian and French. Although, she does consider one thing seriously and that is… e-mail. She just loves reading and writing e-mails. So feel free to contact her for whatever reasons (especially when you want to introduce him to someone like the males mentioned above) in Guaranteed, she will write you back and there is nothing more pleasant for her than having to reply your words! 


Role: Technical Editor
Job: designing the layout, retouching pictures, getting migraines from HTML encoding and updating the site

The first glimpse of the world that Erin Byrne got was that of Cardiff, Wales some 17 years ago. Her parents shortly got divorced, with her father staying in Cardiff with elder brother Dylan, and her mother moving back to her home country with little Erin. To this day, they have not returned to Cardiff--or anywhere in Europe, for that matter, and Erin considers herself as Welsh as apple pie.

She is currently a college sophomore taking up Computer Science and Communications in a university where its dumbest student ever ended up becoming president of the country.

She learned HTML encoding, FTP, FrontPage, Composer, Paint Shop Pro, Corel Photo Paint, Adobe Photoshop, etc. all by herself, simply by patiently working with them, naturally resorting to Help when she is really stumped. She is currently working on sequencing her own MIDI files.

She had taken up classical piano for seven years under scholarship, eventually quitting due to laziness. Now, you know why the site doesn't get updated as much as it should....

Miss Byrne is passionate about music, evidenced by her eclectic CD collection of over 100 titles. She adores Laura Pausini and Eros Ramazzotti, as well as The Beatles and The Cure. But her absolute favorite is the Welsh group Manic Street Preachers, so much that she wrote her term paper about them once!

Although she admires Francesco Coco, she still leans more towards Juventus midfielder Alessio Tacchinardi. That's why she is begging, if anyone has interesting pictures or stories about Alessio, please feel free to send them in!

In a way, she has won a Nobel Prize. No, really.

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Nadia, Erin, and their friends got stumped when deciding to name (maybe) the first Francesco Coco site on the Internet. Among the suggestions that came about were Forza Francesco Coco (common) or simply Francesco Coco Website (yawn). Doctor 21 gave the suggestion CocoNut, but it was so silly that it was eventually kept anyway for the silly part of the site. Finally, Angel 20 came up with Via, Francesco Coco! or Via Francesco Coco. With the former, it was only obvious because "via!" is also a sports cheer in Italian, but for the Italian, "via" can also mean "street" or "road", and the red and black brick background that Erin made for the site makes it seem sort of like brick walls one would see on the streets, so, there you go!


A GREAT THANKS to the following Agents who are in Nadia and Erin's E-Mail Gang:
    - Angel 20: who gives technical help counsel.
    - Doctor 21: who gives professional advice on everything everyone needs to know.
    - Dolcissima 18: who compiles pictures and news to be given later for editing to Nadia.
    - OrangeBlossom 7: who is our back-up technician.
    - Lafayette 727: who loves Coco so much that it gives us a reason to maintain this site.