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The Report…


Nadia was in the chatroom with Francesco Coco and has the record of the chat conversation with Coco. Some of the answers in the chat will go on the other pages for further information, but Nadia has the report of what he told his fans…


The chat and Coco’s answers were full of surprise. There were some things he mentioned that came as a surprise for us. Here are some…


        One of the surprising things that Coco said in the chat was that when he was little he was actually a fan of Juventus, during the era of Michel Platini and that his father used to take him to the stadium to watch the games. A fan of his even “ordered” him to move to Juventus to play with the Turin side, which is actually Milan’s biggest rival. Of course, it would be great to see him in Juventus, unfortunately, he is still attached in contract with Milan.


        Did anyone know that he’s actually a “cheeky” person? He makes you want to roll your eyes and go, “HELLO?!?!?!” When someone asked him, “Where are you chatting from?” he answered right away, “From the seat of SPORTAL!” (I actually went “HELLO?!?!?!”). There was another time when he was asked if he were to appear in the 2001 Players’ Calendar, then somehow he answered with ANOTHER QUESTION (and he was supposed to answer a question!). He replied (rather innocently, in my opinion), “Lo hanno già fatto? But when you can be cheeky as well as adorable… then, who cares? 


        It doesn’t seem that Coco is a very much a school type of person. He was from a liceo scientifico, a science school (which is good – he was able to finish some years of loads of mathematics, chemistry and physics!). He also said that he did averagely in school – which means in our dictionary not good but not bad either – although school had actually taught him maturity.


        And would anyone believe it that he can play a bit of the piano? Well, not much, he said. But his ex-girlfriend used to play the pianoforte and he could do it a little as well. Another bit that he plays is tennis. He doesn’t play too often, though, because of the limitations of time in his life. Well, bits of this and that aren’t too bad, actually!


        But the most amazing answer he gave us was a bit of his love story. Usually, celebrities don’t like sharing stories like these… nonetheless he mentioned it. Unfortunately for Coco (and fortunately for us, girls, his fans!) he once had a serious fidanzata (girlfriend/fiancée) with whom his relationship ended badly after a year. One might think he could never be serious, especially after he admitted in the chat that “mi piacciono le donne” (I like women!), with anyone.


        Like many men, he wants to be a father too one day, which may prove, once again, that he’s actually up for some commitment. He even told his fans in the chat what the children’s name would likely to be. They are: Francesco Jr. (How creative, no?), Andrea and another one he still doesn’t know yet.


Oh, and, for those of you who are still wondering: “So does he have a girlfriend or not?!” you may end your worries for now… he is SINGLE… for the moment. One day, maybe he’ll find a girl he likes… (and many of us hope it would be US!).


Comments from Nadia and Erin:


“Coco seems to be a very genial man and very sweet. After chatting with him, I find him even more interesting and… highly APPEALING! He might just be Serie A’s best heartthrob!” --Nadia


“I don’t believe any of Coco’s colleagues have recently chatted with their fans online. Even when I just found out there was a scheduled online chat with Coco, I felt respect for his personality. I regret I hadn’t been able to join the chat because of…let’s just say, geographical setbacks, but, even if I had been able to, I wouldn’t understand 90% of what they were talking about there! Thank you, Nadia, for knowing Italian very well!” --Erin