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Then... WHO IS IT?


The man on the right is Juventus and Italy's midfielder, Alessio Tacchinardi, supposedly one of Coco's "brothers" (see the CocoNut feature on that here). However, there is doubt about the man on the left. In a way we somehow think he is Coco. He certainly does remind us of him the moment we see him... BUT there is something in the way he cringes that makes us sure he's Filippo Inzaghi, Tacchinardi's teammate in Juventus who is also one of Coco's supposed-to-be brothers. In result, we are torn between deciding which one is he...Coco or Inzaghi?

Can you help us make up our minds? Us at the Via here are quite distressed about this uncertainty... what do you think? WHO IS IT? Tell us what you think and send it to! We will be waiting for your hypothesis and some of the best will be posted here at the Via!

By the way, yes, that man's head is Alessandro Nesta of Lazio!


"That is Francesco! I'm completely sure about it! ...Filippo has a different haircut...!" -- Elisabetta Corti

"His jaw is too wide to be Pippo's!" -- Angel 20

"The way he cringes is much like Pippo.... I should know!" -- Dolcissima 18