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JVC Special Feature!!! (posted 18/09/2001)

Coco In Barcelona (posted 18/09/2001)

The People's Coco (posted 08/07/2001)

Young and Successful (posted 08/07/2001)

Summer Love with Laura Freddi (posted 08/07/2001)

Milan Channel interview report (posted 01/04/2001)

Forza Milan interview translation (posted 01/04/2001)

Interview from Forza Milan. (posted 05/02/2001)

Francesco Coco in the Year 2000 (08/01/2001)

Nadia's chat report (07/12/2000) 

Transcript of the chat with Francesco Coco on Sportal (07/12/2000) 

Coco's Girlfriend?! (10/12/2000)


News from AC Milan Official Website

Coco was in the mood to give opinions prior to the game against Fiorentina. So, he did. Read what he has to say here. Most importantly, he expresses his views about coach Zaccheroni's contract, which is a big issue now. (10/1/2001)

 Coco is in the Italian senior national team for real! Read it for yourself!

Coco almost left Milan! Find out the news here 


Coco In His Own Words

Don’t listen from anyone! Find out from the man himself! COCO certainly knows how to express himself and let’s find out what’s on his mind!

 Which racing team Coco likes? Click here if you want to know as Milan players show their support for the F1 scene… (09/09/2000)

 Who would’ve thought Coco was an expert in football views besides playing it? He gives the juice on Milan’s next opponent the way experts do it! (12/09/2000)

The very first goal is always special and every player has the right to be emotional about it. Coco is no exception. Find out how he feels about it… (14/09/2000)

After his brilliant performances and great goals in the Champions League 2000/2001 Group Round 1, it is no wonder that Coco hopes to be called to national team. Hopeful Coco reveals his feelings! (27/09/2000)

Coco thinks Milan will resurge from its current form in the Serie A league. And what are his reasons? Read on… (02/11/2000)


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News from La Gazzetta Dello Sport

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