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Milan Channel Interview Report

The Milan Channel featured a Special News interview with Francesco Coco on Friday, 9 February 2001. In this interview, Coco answered some questions from the fans and was given a couple of "surprises". For those of you who didn't watch the show... don't despair! Here is a report of the show from the people who watch it!

You can also catch a glimpse of it here!

The show started with the news of Stock Market and in particular news about Nasdaq. This is a nickname Milan journalist Pellegatti gave to Francesco Coco because his game performances have gone up and down like the Nasdaq. This is, of course, a form of compliment for Coco and he likes it.

Then Coco was shown and given the questions from his fans, which were sent through e-mail, fax and telephone.

Anna from Torino: You have a marvelous nephew who resembles you a lot and you have a wonderful smile. Can you give me an autographed jersey of yours?

Elisa: What do you do on Mondays when there isn't training? What is your favorite song by Jim Morison? What does a woman have to do to win you over?

COCO'S ANSWER: On Mondays, I spend the morning sleeping because it's the only day I can sleep a lot. I eat with my family, my nephew, my sister and everyone else. My favorite song by Jim Morrison is "Riders on the Storm". To get  me, a woman must have simplicity. I think simplicity in a person is fundamental and the woman, or my girlfriend in the future, must be simple.

A surprise for Coco comes from the his ex-high school mathematics teacher, Professor Letizia Luzzi, whom Coco recognizes immediately upon answering the call. The exchange greeting and then the dialogue with the teacher continues.

Interviewer: How was Francesco as a student?

Letizia Luzzi: He is, above all an intelligent person and he knew how to make the most of his qualities.

Interviewer: Why is Professor Luzzi important for you (i.e. to Francesco)?

Coco: She was close to me in difficult moments. We passed a year together in school and even outside school we saw each other a lot. She was a great support. She taught me like every great people with many experience who can give you something positive. She has given me that.

After this call, they return to the fans' questions.

Luca: Why do you have the number 77?

COCO'S ANSWER: Because 1977 was the year of my birth so...

"Do you want to have it again for the following seasons?"

COCO'S ANSWER: Yes, it has its significances for me. It signifies my turning point, it brings me fortune and if possible it will be my number for a long time.

"Your words 'this year I want to look after myself more of Coco and less of Francesco' strikes me. What does it mean?"

COCO'S ANSWER: (smiling) Because actually I am always being told to be Paolo Maldini's heir. This year I want to be myself as Francesco Coco and not as anyone's heir even though it is a compliment to be regarded as Maldini's heir. For me it's important to express myself as Francesco Coco rather than someone else.

Massimo from Messina: Thanks for being the first Sicilian to play with Milan in the Champions League. You are the pride of all Sicilians.

COCO'S ANSWER: I am bound to my land, Sicily. I go there every year in the summer and sometimes for Christmas vacation. All of my relatives are there and I am surely strongly connected there. I regard Sicily as my land.

Federica from Milan: I injured my ankle after playing volleyball and now I am scared of playing. What do you do to get rid of the fear after an injury?

COCO'S ANSWER: It needs a lot of will to forget about it even though it's difficult. To forget the fear you need love for your sport, then the day will come when you can forget about it for real.

Then there is another phone call for Coco from Giuliano Rusca, his first ever coach. At first he didn't remember him but then he does... with great astonishment!

Interviewer: How was Coco as your student?

Rusca: He was a humble boy who listened to all of my teachings and a boy with a lot of will to succeed.

Interviewer: Francesco, are you thrilled?

Coco: Of course! He was my first coach. He taught me a lot. He made things enjoyable for us [...]

Interviewer: Giuliano, what do you have to say to Francesco?

Rusca: Everything good is possible in his life. He will succeed keeping everything he has because he deserves it. He is serious and intelligent. He has all the characteristics to do well.

After the phone call from Rusca, Coco returns to answering his fans' message. Many people seem to regard him as a great and successful Sicilian man. For this, once again, Coco replies that he loves his land Sicily, very much. At the end of the interview, this is what he said about Sicily.

COCO: The national (team) and sport in the South are most significant. There are people who are warmer (i.e. more appreciative) about it. The North and the South are different for this. I am happy to have admirers from the South, from my land. I hope to make them happy by making great achievements.


Report by Marilena and Liz. Translation by Nadia Aimar.