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Welcome to the webmasters’ profile page!

You must be very curious to want to know about the creators of this site!

Fine. You want them, you got them!

NADIA and ERIN are two best friends who worship football and adore football players. It all started when NADZ wanted to fulfill her New Year’s resolution, which was to create a FRANCESCO COCO site (she has got her eyes on him since four years ago!). But because she does not know the least bit about website-making, she dragged along her best friend, ERIN, who nicely complied to her wishes. (So, compliment NADZ on the articles and ERIN on the design).

NADIA and ERIN both like to speak foreign languages. Put up together they know, understand and speak 5 languages… plus they can do accents like British English, Southern-American English (think country-style), Singaporean English and even Italian English! (Not mentioning they can do telepathy!).

NADIA and ERIN enjoy writing fictional, out-of-this-world stories about football players. A compulsory: COCO is a sweet boy character in their stories! So far Coco has dated several pretty girls in their stories, including THEMSELVES!

NADIA and ERIN’s passion also extends to other sports – ERIN is just crazy about F1 racing while NADZ is a “tennis anyone?” type of person. NADZ actually plays tennis. As for ERIN… erm, it is difficult for a girl to become an F1 driver, isn’t it? Oh, and, they don’t mind getting down with the swimming pool hunks such as MAX ROSOLINO and IAN THORPE either.

NADIA and ERIN are music lovers. But don’t expect them to watch concerts together. Basically, they’re both into pop… but ERIN’s taste has a rock sense to it while NADZ just plain loves pop (but not those cheesy ones, though!). Another music they share is French and Italian music. NADZ would be doing an ALEX BRITTI site if there hasn’t been the official one already while ERIN might just do NEK.

NADIA and ERIN are in university… ironically, although ERIN is younger than NADZ, she went in to university first! They are very much arts, humanities and social sciences type of students… (NADZ hates science! But ERIN still studies Physics and Chemistry.)

NADIA and ERIN are pretty much into astrology, soul mate & past life theories and other mystical, supernatural thingies… for your information NADZ is a Virgo and ERIN is an Aquarian. Not sure if those two are compatible friendship zodiacs but they are still best friends anyway. (By the way, Virgo and Capricorn are usually compatible, which means… NADZ and COCO are compatible! HURRÀ!) (Nadz…YOU WISH! –Erin =þ)

So, now you know!