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Audio interview from La Gazzetta dello Sport Online (Real Video)

Video interview from RAI Sport (Real Video)


Milan Christmas Video


Coco's goal 1  in Champions League game against Besiktas in the first phase (download)

Coco's interview before his debut in the national team from Kataweb (click here to see the full article and other players' interview).


The following video interviews are subject to copyright. They are taken from the Milan Channel website. Do not use the materials for commercial use. The ones listed here are for samples only.

Special Interview 1 - from Milan Channel News Special

Special Interview 2 - from Milan Channel News Special

News Interview 1 - Coco speaks about his birthday

News Interview 2 - Coco speaks upon his return from Torino

News Interview 3 - Coco speaks of his return to the game after injury

News Interview 4 - Coco speaks about his first game with the Azzurri