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Francesco Coco, player number 77 in AC Milan, one of the football giants of Italy, is Italy’s future. At least that is what sports commentators and critics think at the moment. He is young and strong with great talents and determination for success.

He was on loan from Milan to other Serie A clubs in the past. He played in Vicenza as well as Torino in Turin. The purpose of these loans was to make him play more and experience the toughness of the Italian league before he is mature enough to join AC Milan’s first team.

His career in the national team starts in the U-21 side. He was a regular in Marco Tardelli’s (now Inter coach) squad. But now he plays for the senior national team and is doing just fine with his seniors.

Apart from football, Coco seems to be a man with a good personality. Like many other Italian footballers, Coco is exceptionally good-looking and might be a great interest for the women.

His achievements in football have to be acknowledged and this is what the site is doing in the internet: honoring a man who is one of football’s leading figure!