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Summer Love with Laura Freddi

Pretty...hideous, isn't she?The AC Milan midfielder who has been quite "silent" in these past few months once said that he was single. He refuted his own words several weeks later when he confessed that he was engaged. In the same interview, he said that unlike other footballers who often date showgirls, he has never fallen in love with one. However, now, he is with someone new: Laura Freddi. She is, of course, a showgirl. Therefore, the question is: to be or not to be?

This summer, where love stories of Italian celebrities, footballers and other VIPs often make headlines in magazines and tabloids, the gossip of Coco going out with Freddi, the future host of the TV show "Buona Domenica" has surfaced. Although his story with Laura is not exactly a great exposure like the Totti-De Grenet-Inzaghi triangle, it is worth questioning the truth of the status of the relationship between the two.

If this is true, Coco is definitely not Freddi's first footballer lover. She was with Torino's Fabio Galante for a long time, even have lived together. Ex of Paolo Bonolis and a certain Daniele Bossari, she was also reported to have something going on with Juan Sebastian Veron of Lazio. Now that she is (or might be?) with Coco, she has to make a choice - spend Sunday on studio to conduct her up and coming TV show or in the stadium watching Coco play. For this blonde chick, "niente calcio in tv... solo calciatori nel letto" (no football on TV, just footballers on the bed!).

Laura's past boyfriends: 

Daniele Bossari

Paolo Bonolis

Fabio Galante


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