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The People's Coco

AC Milan's official publication "Forza Milan" has featured an interview with Francesco Coco, conducted especially by his own fans on 22 February 2001 from 3 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. The original title is "Coco delle Ragazze".

We picked out the best questions and answers just for you!

Laura from Persico Duomo

I want to meet you in Milanello sometime in July or August. When you will start the athletic preparations? Do you need an invitation to get in?

There aren't many passes distributed to the public, so it's a bit difficult. Then again, in July and August, Milanello will be closed, so no one could enter anyway.

Then how could I meet you?

In Milanello is really difficult. I don't know how to help you.

Giorgia from Trento

Filippo Inzaghi said that he would give his position in the national team to his brother Simone. Is there a player to whom you would like to give your position in the national team, only for one match?

Contrary to Filippo Inzaghi, I don't have a brother who plays football. Besides, the spot in the Azzurri team is so difficult to obtain that I would think about giving away my position to someone else over and over again.

I read that you like to cook a lot and that you are a great cook! Choose one team-mate and one dish that you would like to cook with!

I would cook with Christian Abbiati the "pasta in caciata" - a Sicilian recipe of pasta with aubergines (eggplants), salted white cheese and a certain sauce. 

Domenico from Caserta

How did you and Abbiati become close friends? And since when?

We have known each other for many years because we are of the same age, and we played against each other in our junior teams: he was in Corsico and I am in Milan. He came to have a screen test when I was younger and finally we met each other again three years ago when he became officially the member of the club.

Since you're little you have been a Milanista?

To tell the truth, I was a Juventino because my father always brought me to see the matches of the bianconeri.

Miriam from Catania

What is you're ideal girlfriend, physique-wise and character-wise?

She has to be herself in everything she does; spontaneity I think is one of the most beautiful things in a person. Physically, I don't know... because I don't have a type of ideal girl.

Maddalena from Trento

How can a "normal" person get to know one of you (footballers)?

We are also normal people.

Yes, but I think it's difficult to meet you just like that out on the streets.

Are you from Trento? It's difficult, yes... but in life, no one knows.

Gloria from Modena

Would you like to play in Juventus?

Right now, no, I am doing too good in Milan.

Are you still single?

No, I am engaged.

You have to leave her immediately!

When I arrive at home, I will tell her so.

Fabio from Genova

I am sorry for your goal that was cancelled against PSG.

I am also sorry.

If I go to Milanello to have your autographs, when are you available?

During the time of the training, in the morning.

Alessandra from Rome

What is your favourite colour for clothing?

Black and blue in the winter, more lively colours in the summer.

Linda from Bergamo

Do you have a particular nickname?

Luckily, no. For everyone I am simply Francesco.

Alessandra from Terni

What are your goals as a man and as a player?

From a personal point of view, I would like to have a family, which is a goal and a starting point. As a footballer, I would like to win as much as I can.

Manuela from Lecce

Have you ever received presents from some fans?


It's quite common that footballers go out with girls of the entertainment world....

It doesn't happen to me.

Manuela from Bergamo

For you is it more important to get married or score a goal in the last minute of the Champions League?

We will see in the end, and I will answer you then.

Maria from Como

How can I get in touch with you? For example, by writing you a letter?

You can write directly to AC Milan.


Translated by Dolcissima18, temporary webmaster. Edited by Erin Byrne, perpetual slave. Many thanks to Marilena Salvatore who had given us the article.