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Coco talks about football, the gentle sex and the look he wears!

This interview was taken from in the Virglio website.


How does someone so young become so successful?

It's a great satisfaction. I am young, it's true, but a long time has passed since I was ten years old and used to score goals - back then I was a midfielder - in the youth squad of Como. I have gone through many stages of this profession, which is first of all a great passion for me. I also have lived through dark experiences like injuries and divergences.

So, what youthful quality stays with you?

A great impulsiveness that I haven't managed to suppress easily even when the reasons of diplomacy have imposed on it and the will to live intensely, by the day, the joys that life offers me at this moment. 

Among these joys, the news have referred to the gentle sex....

How can it be different? Naturally, women are among my thoughts....

What are the others? Do you like to dance?

How can I not? I love most of all Latin American dances. I like to go to the movies; I am a fan of Brad Pitt. I listen to music, especially that of Jim Morrison (he must mean The Doors - EB) and Ricky Martin. Among the Italians, I like the music of Renato Zero, as well as his strong personality.

You are also a handsome guy. What is the secret recipe?

Don't make me arrogant! It's clear that I take care of my aspects and I like to be up-to-date in the latest fashion but without exasperation. The job in sports brings me naturally to appreciate the casual look that goes with my age and my impulsive character. I also eat healthily.

Do you have a perfume that brings a certain effect?

I love to change and try new ones but I know for sure that spicy (strong) tones goes better for me.

And the hair?

Washed frequently under the shower... apart from the jokes I try to put together practicality and style. I surely cannot allow myself to look bad....

You often say what you think....

Yes, this is both a good and bad trait. For now I justify the impetuousness with age but as the years go by I have to learn to hold back.

We return to your favourite subject. Which goal stays in your heart and which colleague do you idolize?

Maradona's penalty when Napoli played against Juventus and Paolo Maldini, more a friend than a colleague.


Translated by Dolcissima18, temporary webmaster. Edited by Erin Byrne, perpetual slave.